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Customized Packs:


They say it takes 21 days to introduce a new habit into our lives. It may take us 21 days, maybe less or maybe more.

What is certain is that transforming our actions into habits can allow us to lead a healthier life.

Get the juice
out of life

A new way to consume varied fruit and vegetables every day

Prepare your customized pack of 21 smoothies and start introducing a healthy habit into your daily routine. Choose your favourite smoothies and assemble your own pack of 21 units of individual bags of IQF fruits and vegetables so that eating healthy is not an effort but a habit to enjoy.

> In less than 1 minute

In less than a minute and in a very simple way, you can make healthy smoothies and bowls for your whole family. In addition, our fruits and vegetables keep their properties intact, their colour, their aroma and most importantly their vitamins because they have been deeply-frozen using the IQF (individual quick freezing) system.