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SMOOTHIES. Fruit and vegetables perfect combination for a healthy diet

According to a WHO study (World Health Organisation) it is advisable to eat 400 grams a day of fruit and vegetables for a healthy diet. Spaniards would not reach this consumption, we consume about 13.29 kilos a year of fruit and vegetables, about 36.4 grams a day (a small plum) according to a study carried out by the Ministry of Agriculture and Fisheries, Food and Environment in 2020. 

Seeing this lack of fruit and vegetable consumption habits in Spain, Zumit was founded to introduce healthy eating concepts into fast food markets. In the set of all our Smoothies you can find more than 25 different fruits and vegetables. 

Fruits and vegetables can provide us with many elements such as fibers, minerals, vitamins, water and antioxidants that can prevent many diseases, such as childhood obesity. According to sources from the World Obesity Federation Spain has 25 % childhood obesity. 

Many parents often encounter the problem of how to give fruit and vegetables to their children, as they don‘t like it or don’t want to take it. An appetising and fast form is the drinkable form. We also have the case of consumers who for their time cannot be cutting and peeling the different fruits and vegetables. Our Smoothies are prepared in less than a minute and give you the necessary fruits and vegetables. 


In addition, the fruit and vegetables you can find in our Smoothies are frozen with IQF technology to preserve the properties and nutrients of the fruit WITHOUT preservatives or added chemicals.